Marked Documentation

Releasing Marked

Marked uses semantic-release to release new versions. All PRs should use the "Squash and merge" strategy and the commit message should follow the conventional commit guidelines.

Overall strategy

Master is always shippable: We try to merge PRs in such a way that master is the only branch to really be concerned about and master can always be released. This allows smoother flow between new features, bug fixes, and so on.


We follow semantic versioning where the following sequence is true [major].[minor].[patch]; therefore, consider the following implications of the release you are preparing:

  1. Major: There is at least one change not deemed backward compatible.
  2. Minor: There is at least one new feature added to the release.
  3. Patch: No breaking changes, no new features.

What to expect while Marked is a zero-major (0.x.y):

  1. The major will remain at zero; thereby, alerting consumers to the potentially volatile nature of the package.
  2. The minor will tend to be more analogous to a major release.
  3. The patch will tend to be more analogous to a minor release or a collection of bug fixes (patches).